Building Team Work

The FLL team’s first activity over the weekend was a team building exercise. The river was full of chocolate and they only had 5 or 6 marshmallows to step on to get them across. If they left a marshmallow without a foot on it, it floated away. How were they going to get 9 of them across the river. Team work that’s how!

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A storm of Mindstorms


We have been able to purchase three EV3 kits for our workshops.  Keep checking back for details of new workshops later this year.

We have been successful in receiving a grant from the City of Launceston to help us buy more equipment for both teams. We have also received a cheque from the organisers of the  Brixhibition The Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts  and the community fund of McDonald’s  Launceston towards the purchase of the 3 EV3 kits

Team colours


Sponsored by Key2 Properties, our teams shirts are the reverse colours for the two teams.  The FTC Team colours are Black/Red/White whilst the FLL Teams shirts are Red/Black and White.

Reading Metal Minds Robotics FTC or FLL and Key2 Properties on the front.  Sleeves have Tasmania and Exact Detailing Canada with University of Tasmania and AMC on the back.

The Mentors were grey shirts with similar logo’s on them.

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Robotic Workshops


Robotic Workshops took place on Saturday 16th, 23rd and 30th Jan at the Australian Maritime College Launceston.

Metal Minds talked to the students about Gracious Professionalism, showed them some NXT bots and what they could do, then set the students a challenge  using some basic materials they had to build a bridge to carry their robot.   Students were guided through some basic programming (beginners)  to undertake three challenges each challenge getting gradually harder and requiring more programming with trial and error to get it too work.   Students who were used to handling an NXT programmed it for the final and most difficult challenge, the maze.

16th January 2016.  Workshop at Australian Maritime College Launceston.

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23rd January Workshop.

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30th January Workshop

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